about the mural

In partnership with the Billericay Round Table, a social club for young men aged between 18 and 45 and FC Laindon Republic, Gabriel has been developing an alternative approach to the conversation around masculinity.

The mural explores notions of what ‘masculinity’ means to the men of Basildon as well as  the pressures faced by men and how these impact mental health

billericay Round table

Registered charity Billericay Round Table is predominantly a social club for young men aged between 18 and 45.  Through local events they raise money which we donate to local good causes and projects.

FC laindon republic

FC Laindon Republic are a newly formed sports club, setup to compete in men’s association football in the 2020-21 season. 

The club was created in response to the politics and lack of morals and ethics in grassroots football. 

the artist

Gabriel Pitcher is a British artist based in South Korea.

Through his exploration of identity, Gabriel focuses expressive figurative portraits both as original works of art, short films and on street interventions. Contradictions of the classically beautiful or socially uncomfortable feature prominently in his work, In illuminating and reimagining these characteristics, Gabriel forces the viewers gaze to areas of reality some would rather ignore or avoid. A psychological intrigue arises in recognising that like a mirror, these portraits reflect only our own prejudices.