about the mural


Through a series of workshops with the Essex Young Carers, Franco has created a vision of Basildon reflecting the hopes and listening to the fears of local young people, producing an artwork that feels both comforting and familiar.

Whilst the young people discussed rising crime rates and difficulty feeling pride in Basildon due to negative outsider perceptions of the town, they also felt solidarity with each other, recognising a shared experience. The group wanted outsiders to know that despite its struggles, Basildon is a happy and safe place to be

the artist

Franco Fasoli (also known as Jaz) is a stage designer and muralist. He is influenced by his lifelong study of ceramics and the Argentinian capital’s iconic fileteado technique. 

In recent years his work has focused the contradictions of social instability and the various forms of individual and collective identity we share. Represented through conflict, confrontation and discursive juxtaposition, Fasoli challenges us to consider public space in connection with the community occupying it.