Our Towns

Our Towns is an exciting project from BasildON Creative People & Places that will bring incredible works of art to the streets of Basildon town centre. 

Eight world-class artists have been partnered with local organisations to create murals inspired by Basildon, bringing conversation and colour to the walls of the town. The murals will be launched and celebrated on 11th September 2021 at a live paint event in Basildon Town Centre.

The concept behind Our Towns has been developed in partnership with ReFRAMED Productions, a creative duo comprised of Charlotte Pyatt and Doug Gillen, who between them have 20 years experience in production, strategy, consultancy and documentation of art on the streets. 

Overseen by a steering group compiled of local residents, over the past 6 months Our Towns has facilitated a series of workshops and co-creation activities with local community groups, inviting them to explore, discuss and inform the murals that are set to be installed. To date the project has partnered with a range of groups including Peaceful Place, Basildon Young Carers, Crays Hill Primary School, Northgate House residents, Basildon LGBTQIA+ Youth Group and Basildon Pride. 

Taking its inspiration from the New Towns Bill speech of MP Lewis Silkin in 1946, “Our Towns” will not be of the future, but of the moment. Each piece of art is inspired by a local story, history or community effort toward positive change.

What is BasildON
Creative People & Places?

BasildON Creative People and Places is a radical, new cultural programme for people living, working and socialising in Basildon borough. The mission is simple; to unleash the creative spirit that runs through the veins of the community and provide more opportunities for local people to commission, create and participate in cultural activity in Basildon.

Who are Re:FRAMED?

Re:FRAMED is a creative partnership between Charlotte Pyatt and Doug Gillen. Combining their experience of 20 years in production and documentation of art on the streets, they align community initiatives with a global network of artists, exploring how the climate debate can be furthered through creativity and culture.